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Stephanie Kotsur is board certified family nurse practitioner who received her Master of Science of Nursing from Grand Canyon University. She is a certified functional medicine practitioner, certified in obesity medicine as well as advanced certification in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.   She has also received her certification as a personal trainer and nutrition coach as she believes in movement and nutrition as forms of medicine and fundamental pieces to a person's optimal health. 


It is her passion to inspire health and wellness in the patients she cares for.  After growing tired of watching a system fail to deliver health and vitality to the people she cared for, she decided to pursue her passion for functional medicine and founded Halo Health and Wellness to reach those who were looking to achieve this for themselves. She incorporates all pillars of health, utilizing the principles of functional medicine to treat root cause of symptoms and to empower her patients to restore their health and feel their best. 


Her passion and experiences have given her a unique perspective to help people along their journey to better health.

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